My plan when I officially retire is to live half of the year in BC and the other half somewhere in the US. As a US citizen I can only stay in Canada 180 days in any calendar year. Therefore, I am seeking a small cottage (preferably under 600’) on the west coast of Washington, Oregon or California or in Minnesota.

Finding a small home is actually much harder than one would think. With the hot real estate market in the majority of the areas I am looking at…and the huge interest in living tiny/small, properties go quickly. Climate is playing a significant role in my decision as well. Summers will be spent in BC, and fall and winters (mid-October to mid-May) will be in the US. I am not fond of rain, yet I do like snow…hence the reason to consider Minnesota. And I must have a home that gets a lot of light.

I am in love with the pocket neighborhoods focused on small homes designed by architect Ross Chapin. I could see myself living in one of these homes if it was near water.

I have wondered if I could in less than 400 square feet. The picture above is my bunk house…which is only 120 square feet. I have done a lot of work to fix it up…more on that in another post…so that friends and family can sleep there if they wish. I am always happy to sleep there and let my visitors sleep in my one bedroom cottage (Hopkins Cottage). The bunk house only has a bed and some seating and a desk area. I can’t picture living it in full-time as adding a kitchen area and bathroom would make it a little too small for me.

Thanks for stopping by.